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Dezful city tourism

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Dezful city tourism
Iran Khuzestan Dezful City
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دوشنبه 20 بهمن 1393 :: author : نجمه مورث نوری
Poor dear old historic lean transits Branch is one of the streets in the neighborhood Laurie Barbad located. The tent has a height of 6.30 meters and a width of 2.5 meters, the entrance to the East and the West made its output. Zyzpvr Drdvtbqh shelter built and looks back to the Qajar period. Tent on the top floor with brick brickwork style array of exquisite style and residential users is the key. This sunshade is also the route Dezful tourism historical context.
 Photo and text: Mohammad Azarkish

sabat aziz poor

Iran Khuzestan Dezful Aziz poor Sabat

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