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Dezful city tourism

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Dezful city tourism
Iran Khuzestan Dezful City
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شنبه 14 فروردین 1395 :: author : نجمه مورث نوری
Mohammad Ali khan Stronghold
Mohammad Ali khan stronghold is a natural castle which is located in Sardasht in thenorth of Dezful. To visit this beautiful place, visitors should drive along Sardasht road and after passing Gorawy (Olya toot), exit the main road and turn left towardsAhmad Fedaleh. After passing Lab sefid and Bolhasan Villages, it's best to park any vehicles and continue the way on foot. It takes approximately one and a half hours to reach the destination by foot. Muhammad Ali khan is one of the most delightful places to hike and trek from fall till early spring. In addition to the pretty nature, the glorious waterfall of Stronghold makes the area much more pleasant

    Yearly, hiking and trekking groups arrange to visit this destination, and it is recommended to take the trip with these groups. Local people call this stronghold "Mamadali khan" or "Alimardan Khan". Along the way, areashows the magnificent waterfall to visitors which it's surrounded by Mord trees. The type of vegetation varies from season to season but always gives visitors a fresh sense. There are Oak, Fig and Bonah trees in the area. Natural sight-seeing of Dezful in areas such as Muhammad Ali Khan Stronghold has high capacity to expand its realm and boost the tourist industry of the province.

Translated by: Mehrshad Rezadost

Text & Photo: Mohammad Azarkish

Dezful Mohammad Ali khan Stronghold

category : Natural attractions of Dezful، Tourist attractions of khuzestan، Iran tourism، 
tag : dezful، khuzestan، iran، south، mohammad ali khan، photo of dezful، dezful info،
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Dezful's Chal kandi; A sweet experience of wilderness

Dezful has many tourist attraction for warm months. One of the most special and most attractive among them is Chal kandi region.Chal kandi is one of the beautiful and intact Dezful's areas that is located at distance of 18km from north of Dezful in dezful-shahyun road and 7km after Qods garrison.Chal kandi has a path from main road to the river.It's better to go to this place with groups or locals who are familiar with the area. Walking time is about 40 minute after the last road which you can go by car.The geological structure of the area is a conglomerate formation.It has Features of alluvial deposits and the foothills of the Zagros Mountains that is the result of erosion.

Chal kandi is one of the less disturbed and relatively pristine areas of clear Dez river.You can also traverse this way by boat instead of car.This area is one of the promenades for warm months and is a good promenade since early khordad to mid-mehr.Swimming, boat riding and fishing are amusements of Chal kandi area.Specific type of land and walls of the area make rock climbing possible for mountaineers.Due to weather conditions in region of khuzestan and with a proper planning, this place can be a fascinating promenades of Iran for warm months

Translated by: Roya Delgosha

Text & photo: Mohammad Azarkish


category : Natural attractions of Dezful، Photo of Dezful، Tourist attractions of khuzestan، 
tag : chelkandi، dezful، iran، khuzestan، dezful chalkandi، photo of dezful، dezful tourism،
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پنجشنبه 5 فروردین 1395 :: author : نجمه مورث نوری
Abbas Abad Grove, located in the south of Dezful near Abbas Abad Village and along the Dez River, is part of the national Dez Jungle.
Located only 10km from Dezful, the picturesque beauty of the Abbas Abad Grove changes every season as the leaves change colors.
In winter and fall, the festival of colors in the grove make every one fascinated about the magnificent scenery.
Abbas Abad Grove is one of Dezful’s greatest natural sites and is accessible for most of the year. To see the grove, visitors should go from Benjafar Village to Abbas Abad Village, and after crossing the village they will see the grove in front. Considering the capacity of grove and making an exact arrangement for tourists can help to visit this place whole the year

Translated by:Mehrshad Rezadost

Text & photo:Mohammad Azarkish

abbass abad

category : Natural attractions of Dezful، Sights of the city of Dezful، Photo of Dezful، 
tag : dezful، iran، khuzestan، abbas abad grove، abbas abad، grove، photo of dezful،
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پنجشنبه 7 خرداد 1394 :: author : nastaran zahedian
 One of the most ancient structure of Dezful city is its amazing old bridge that dates back to 263 AD. The Old Sassanid Bridge of  Dezful is located in the city of Dezful in South Western Iran. This bridge connects the western and eastern part of the city and in the past it has been considered as a major magnificiant highways in the country, connecting Jondi shapur and Susa. The foundation for the bridge dates back to the Sassanid era. The bridge currently has four large arches, and between every two of these is a smaller arch. It was built during Shapur l when the Roman Empire Valerian was defeated in the battle, remain of his captured army ( about 70 thousand Roman prisoners) were asked to build the bridge. It has got so many names through different times just like  Andamesh, Shapur, Shadravan and Dez.
It has been repaired several times during the reign of kings like Azadodowleh Daylami( 4 century), the Safavid, Qajar and early Pahlavi periods. Remnants of ancient mills can also be observed near the bridge. These days cars are no longer permitted to use the bridge, as the result of its historic value.

Translated by: Nastaran Zahedian
Text & photo: Mohammad Azarkish

sasanid bridge

The old Sassanid bridge of Dezful

category : Photo of Dezful، Tourist attractions of khuzestan، Dezful historical toutist atraction، 
tag : dezful، iran، khuzestan، sasanid bridge، dezful bridge، historical bridge، photo of dezful،
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 "Kool Khersoon" is one of the most amazing natural attractions of Dezful city which is located in the north of Dezful and Shahyun's district. The word " kool" means "a very narrow Valley" in its local meaning. "Eshkaft e Zard" is another name for Kool khersoon. On its walls, so many plants and trees including: charming Pomegranate and Ziziphus trees could be seen.There are two ways to go to the valley. First through Shahyun's road, before getting to Bishe bozan's village. There's also a one hours of walking from the main road to reach the main part of the valley. The second way is again through Shahyun's, along the lake, Islam Abad and Konarestan's village and one hours of walking.
Kool Khersoon considered as an attraction part even in the hot days of summer, as the result of its abrupt temperature decrease to even below 20 degrees, in some narrow parts of its valleys that the walls get together on the top, don't allow the sunlight to reach the lower parts.
As its unique nature and its special ways to go, for enjoying more, it would be reccomended to coordinate with the local tours of Dezful city or ask for guide of the mountain climbing committee leaders of
Translated by Nastaran Zahedian
photo : Nastaran Zahedian


Kool Khesron Dezful Khuzestan Iran

category : Sights of the city of Dezful، Photo of Dezful، Tourist attractions of khuzestan، 
tag : dezful، iran، khuzestan، kool kherson، eshkaft zard، photo of dezful، dezful kool kherson،
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دوشنبه 11 اسفند 1393 :: author : نجمه مورث نوری
Noorabad Village

Noorabad village, located in Shahyun, is one of the most spectacular touristic areas in Khuzestan province. In addition to beautiful pomegranate gardens, there are a 20m height waterfall, amazing springs, stony ruins of historical monuments, and the holy shrine of Imam Reza’s Ghadamgah which together they make there a very wonderful place. To visit this amazing place, you should first make it to Shahyun road, pass Bishe Bozan, Bazargah, Baghcheban, Mashkar & Azang villages and turn left when reached to Saleh-abad village. Gorgeous Narcissus flowers prettify the whole scene in February and give a fabulous sight to the eyes of visitors.
 Photo and text: Mohammad Azarkish
Translator: Nastaran Zahedian

Iran khuzestan Dezful Noorabad Village

category : Natural attractions of Dezful، Photo of Dezful، Dezful historical toutist atraction، 
tag : dezful، noorabad، khuzestan، iran، noorabad village، photo of dezful، dezful tourism،
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A view of the historic castle Exchequer Khan 11 km south of Dezful is located This historic castle, which has recently been introduced as one of the capabilities of the National Registe Beautiful brick role that the city is in the midst of green fields south of Dezful Dezful located.
Text & Photo: Mohammad Azarkish


Iran khuzestan Dezful Mohammad khan Mostofi Castle

category : Photo of Dezful، Iran tourism، Dezful historical toutist atraction، 
tag : dezful، iran، khuzestan، mostofi castle، dezful castle، photo of dezful، dezful tourism،
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دوشنبه 20 بهمن 1393 :: author : نجمه مورث نوری
Poor dear old historic lean transits Branch is one of the streets in the neighborhood Laurie Barbad located. The tent has a height of 6.30 meters and a width of 2.5 meters, the entrance to the East and the West made its output. Zyzpvr Drdvtbqh shelter built and looks back to the Qajar period. Tent on the top floor with brick brickwork style array of exquisite style and residential users is the key. This sunshade is also the route Dezful tourism historical context.
 Photo and text: Mohammad Azarkish

sabat aziz poor

Iran Khuzestan Dezful Aziz poor Sabat

category : Tourist attractions of khuzestan، Iran tourism، Dezful historical toutist atraction، 
tag : dezful، iran، khuzestan، sabat، aziz poor، sabat azizpoor dezful، photo of dezful،
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پنجشنبه 16 بهمن 1393 :: author : نجمه مورث نوری

The differences in climates of different parts of Iran had been important stimuli for creativity in the local architecture.The locals of Dezful and Shushtat had come up with an idea to make their hot and humid days note livable. They added a space to their architecture which is called Shavadan. It looks like a cave and consists of an open underground space for living or store area connected to the surface by a staircase and sometimes has smaller caves as extensions to the main space. Shavadan is also connected to the living room by small tunnels through which it provides some ventilation to the house
*More livable
The Shavadan is usually excavated to a depth of about 6 to 20 meters below the surface.Other than the hot and humid climate, the access to the river water through underground channels was a reason for wide use of Shavadan.The right depth if the aquifers in Dezful made it possible for the houses to have Shavadans.The main purpose of Shavadan stems from the fact that the temperature of the underground is almost stable around 25 °C through the whole year. So Shavadan was designed to seek relief from the very hot temperatures of up to 50°C in summer.The chilled air passing naturally through the Shavadans was conducted by ventilation channels to the living area in the house.Oftentimes the Shavadans in a neighborhood were connected to each other so that the people could avoid the hot air and the burning sunlight of the outdoors
ptoto &Text: Mohammad Azarkish
Translator: Fatemeh Etemadi nia


Iran Khuzestan Dezful Shavadan

category : Photo of Dezful، Dezful historical toutist atraction، 
tag : dezful، iran، khuzestan، shavadon، dezful shavadon، photo of dezful، dezful tourism،
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چهارشنبه 1 بهمن 1393 :: author : نجمه مورث نوری
One of the areas north of the city of Dezful Gavmyr beautiful nature around the village after village Gavmyr Strait area around the village with about 180 households are the victims of Dezful . The village is about 35 km away from the city of Dezfu There are many attractions in and around the village, the most important is the tomb of the martyrs Zaid old Jack . To reach the tomb of the old joke about an hour and a half after passing through the village to hiking and birding , and a good opportunity for lovers of this sport is fun


Iran Khuzestan Dezful Gavmir village

category : Natural attractions of Dezful، Photo of Dezful، Dezful historical toutist atraction، 
tag : dezful، iran، khuzestan، gavmir، rosta، village، photo of dezful،
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Dezful third bridge was constructed in 1375 on the dose. The bridge is 45 meters from the street to the conquest of the West Almbyn Dez River in the north of the city are connected. Consulting engineers design and supervise the construction of the hex on the same bridge and the second bridge was designed and built in Dezful. In addition to the three National Register contains the tomb of Imam Rvdbnd Bridge, Monument Babayvsf and old water source is located. The bridge is named with the name of the bridge resistance. The third bridge for construction engineering characteristics of the bridge is raised.
 Photo and text: Mohammad Azarkish


Iran Khuzestan Dezful third bridge

category : Sights of the city of Dezful، Tourist attractions of khuzestan، 
tag : dezful، iran، khuzestan، bridge، third bridge، photo of dezful، iran tourism،
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Unseen tomb rider is one of the monuments of the city of Dezful 5 km south of the city and is located near the town of Muhammad ibn Ja'far Monument Monument to the almost intact and has retained its traditional atmosphere . Trees around the monument near the old cemetery there.

Iran Khuzestan Dezful Sovar gheyb tomb

category : Religious attractions of Dezful، Photo of Dezful، 
tag : dezful، iran، khuzestan، sovargheyb، sovargheyb tomb، photo of dezful، dezful tourism،
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Ancient water source Branch in 1324 AD to address water quality and quantity in the northern suburbs of the city of Dezful and the dose was built beside the river. Building with a square plan and elevation is a planar surface, the source materials and the manufacture of wooden columns of brick, mortar, cement and construction materials through the semi-traditional. Because of the importance of water supply Branch ancient monument with the number 23008 in the national index has been registered. Branch due to hydraulic structures such as bridges, ancient Sassanid mills, Qmsh, the aqueduct and the water structure at the entrance to the town is famous.

abe dzeful
Iran Khuzestan Dezful Ancient water source

category : Tourist attractions of khuzestan، Dezful historical toutist atraction، 
tag : dzeful، iran، khuzestan، ancient water، water source، photo of dezful، dezful tourism،
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City Branch has three hotels for accommodation of travelers and tourists who visited the northern province, is. Tourism three-star hotel in the city with a variety of accommodation and welfare facilities, restaurant, gardens, pavilions and traditional tea, etc opportunity it provides comfort for visitors.

Iran Khuzestan Dezful Torism's Hotel

category : Photo of Dezful، Tourist attractions of khuzestan، Iran tourism، 
tag : iran، dezful، khuzestan، hotel، torism، torism's hotel، photo of dezful،
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سه شنبه 2 دی 1393 :: author : نجمه مورث نوری
North Branch city 's various attractions that are less well known . Zaid Martyrs shrine known as the old Jack is one of the most spectacular mountains surrounding the village , 35km north of Dezful is Gavmyr the victims

Iran Khuzestan dezful Pir jok tomb

category : Religious attractions of Dezful، Photo of Dezful، Iran tourism، 
tag : dezful، iran، khuzestan، pir jok tombe، dezful pir jok، photo of dezful، turist atraction،
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