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Dezful city tourism

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Dezful city tourism
Iran Khuzestan Dezful City
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The Shah-Ruknuddin historic [public] bathroom in Dezful
The Shah Ruknuddin bathroom in Dezful isone of Iran’s historical buildings of Safavid erawhich is located in the center of the city in a cultural-historical complex including mosque, theological school, and monument of Shah Ruknuddin. This building has [all] various sections of Iranian traditional bathrooms. Water required for bathroom had been supplied from a well in the monument and had been saved in pools on the roof of bathroom.
Bathroom’s Sar-Bineh (the entrance hall) is in the form of an octagon, and contains some porches in the place of cloakroom, and also has an octagonal pool in the center


Thebathroom had been heated by a firebox beneath the earth which had led the heat through channels into the bathroom.
All parts of the buildinghave brick façade and have been decorated by tall beautiful arches and domes.
In recent years the Organization of Cultural Heritage had repaired it, and at the moment it is used as a public library. It is one of the worthy historical tourist attractions of Dezful which has been registered into the list of Iranian national heritage, by number 8379. you can visit this tourist attraction whenever you want
Translated by: Fatemeh Koureh paz
Text & Photo: Mohammad Azarkish

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