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Dezful city tourism

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Dezful city tourism
Iran Khuzestan Dezful City
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شنبه 23 مرداد 1395 :: author : نجمه مورث نوری
One of Iran's unique tourism attractions are Dezful's Kats that are in north of khuzestan,Dezful city and beside Dez river. Kats are cavernous holes that are drilled along Dez riverside. They are known as Kat among Dezful's people.
Kats been drilled inside riverside cliffs that are made of conglomerate.Their walls have 2 to 4 meter height and their roof is decorated with big and small stones that are in the ground naturally.Kats have 5 to more than 100 square meters area.
although Khuzestan is one of the warm regions of Iran, In north of that and Dezful city,passing Dez river through the center of this city has provided apportunities of making various reserts for warm days of the year that makes it unique in the country and has made it one of Iran's important tourist destinations.It causes to attract people who are interested in nature and summer recreations toward Dezful.One of these reacreations is experience of staying in Kats and swimming in Dez river that's unique in its kind.
In the past that wasn't any cooling equipment like these days, people in Dezful creating* Kats to escape from heat in summer, use Dez river's water, swimming in the river and enjoy environment.

dezful kats
similarity between internal space of Kats and caves and being close to the river made staying in these Kats pleasant and enjoyable for people without using electrical and cooling equipment to escape from mechanical life.
In addition,in places where the depth of river is suitable,swimming in the river is an enjoyable entertainment with observing safety rules(use life jacket, be familiar with swimming techniques and swim in parts with suitable intensity of water flow).Being close to Dez river makes oppotunity of boating and other kind of water sports like jet skiing, fishing ,... .
There are many hand-carved Kats along the river.The number of Kats goes over than 800 that have been drilled in riverside's cliffs gradually.
Kats still have retained their popularity these days and have became amusing place with tourism function.Many tourists come Dezful from different cities in warm days and spend some hours in these Kats and beside beautiful beach of Dez river.
According to Dezful's climate, Kats can be receptive to tourists and interested people since May to October.However in other months of year this special and valuable attraction can be used

Translated by : Jamileh Ehsani

Text & Photo : Mohammad Azarkish

dezful katss

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دوشنبه 4 مرداد 1395 :: author : نجمه مورث نوری
Dezful Old Bazar
Old bazars in cities throughout Iran give visitors a sense of wonder, as if they’re walking through history and touching Persian culture. The Old Bazar of Dezful is one of the oldest Bazar’s as it has had an active trading since 500 CE. The oldest building of the Bazar is called “Buq’a Sheikh EsmaielQasri,” which is around 900 years old. The Brick Structure is located in the center of Dezful which includes four parts. Each part contains special handicraft shops such as qalyan production and hand-sewn rugs. Some artists also create unique handicrafts for tourists. The beautiful Caravanserai in the middle of the Bazar reflects traditional trading ways of the past and represents the Bazar’s importance as a commercial center for locals and tourists. Since there is a roof over this Bazar, tourists can visit it any time of year

Translated by: Mehrshad Rezadost

text & photo: Mohammad Azarkish

old bezar- dezful

category : Sights of the city of Dezful، Photo of Dezful، Tourist attractions of khuzestan، Dezful historical toutist atraction، 
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دوشنبه 21 تیر 1395 :: author : نجمه مورث نوری

Dezful's Jameh mosque

Dezful's Jameh mosque is one of the Iran's most spectacular historic mosques that is located in Khuzestan,Dezful.

مسجد جامع

This mosque is one of the oldest islamic mosques and magnificent buildings of post-islamic era in Iran.Constracting date of this mosque back to early centuries of Islam in Iran. Special architectural style of this mosque is modeled after Sassanid era and is a mixture of Dezful's traditional architecture that has been improved during Qajar and Safavid.Dezful's Jameh mosque was registered in 29th Azar,1315 in natinal index  with registry number of 287.Due to the great age of Dezful and the city's monuments and being historic mosques in diffrent parts of Dezful that are registered in national index, We can name this city "City of Historic Mosques". This mosque has been selected as one of 10 old mosques of Iran from publications.

Jameh mosque is located in the center of the historic city of Dezful and it's second important monument of this city(the first one is Dezful's sassanid bridge).This mosque has largely maintained its pristine state and architectural features that has effects on  Dezful city during the periods of history.

Unique stone columns of this mosque has represented the glory of Iranian-Islamic architecture well. If you are going to travel south of Iran you can visit this this monument all the year.

There are old bazaar and other valuable buildings around the mosque that makes exciting moments for those interested in knowing the history and culture of Iran

Translated by: Roya Delgosha

Text & Photo: Mohammad Azarkish

category : Sights of the city of Dezful، Photo of Dezful، Tourist attractions of khuzestan، Iran tourism، Dezful historical toutist atraction، 
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Dezful's tomb of Muhammad ibn Ja'far Tayyar
Dezful's tomb of Muhammad ibn Ja'far Tayyar is one of Shiite shrines in south of Iran that besides the religious significance is important historically.The tomb of Muhamad ibn Ja'far Tayyar is located at a distance of 5 kilometers from Dezful ,in a town of that name and is one of important shrines of Khuzestan

بقعه محمد ابن جعفر طیار دزفول

The owner of the tomb is one of relatives of Shia first Imam(Imam Ali).
This tomb has been constructred in a space with an area of 8 hectare.Space of the tomb is covered by green trees beautifully and has been made suitable space for spending time in pacific and spiritual atmosphere.This tomb has been registered in Iran's national index with the registry number of 2553.The tomb's old entrance is bricky and that's located in a side of yard.Cedar trees with dating back centuries increase the importance of this monument.Locals have special believe and respect in this case.Khuzestan has many sights, religious attractions and precious shrines that Muhammad ibn Ja'far Tayyar's tomb is one the most prominent of them

Translated by: Roya Delgosha

Text & Photo: Mohammad Azarkish

category : Sights of the city of Dezful، Religious attractions of Dezful، Photo of Dezful، Tourist attractions of khuzestan، Iran tourism، 
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یکشنبه 13 تیر 1395 :: author : نجمه مورث نوری
Dezful's Milad woodland park
Milad woodland park of Dezful is one of Iran's forest parks that is located in khuzestan and south of dezful.Dezful has diverse woodland parks.Milad woodland park is one of southern resorts of Dezful that is located at a distance of 5 kilometer from the south of city.Space of this park is full of different trees specially Eucalyptus and has about 30 hectare extent

dezful milad park

Milad woodland park continues to riverside of Dez and this river has made beautiful view next to the park.The best time to use amzing nature of this park is since Azar(late November) to early Farvardin(late March). Due to the proximity of this park to the city, during the tourism days of year it can be a good choice for family's fun

Translated by: Roya Delgosha

Text & Photo: Mohammad Azarkish

category : Natural attractions of Dezful، Sights of the city of Dezful، Photo of Dezful، Tourist attractions of khuzestan، Iran tourism، 
tag : dzeful، khuzestan، iran، woodlandpark، milad park، dezfulinfo، dezful tourism،
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شنبه 8 خرداد 1395 :: author : نجمه مورث نوری

Dezful's Be'sat Park

Park, amusement park and zoo Complex with an area of over 5,5 hectare, is one of the most complete entertainment complexes in Khuzestan Province.
This complex is located in West Dezful and the diversity is rare


Be'sat park, one of the first major parks in the city of Dezful, was established in 1370s (or latec1370), by the municipality.
Beautiful green space along with different play equipments and a variety of entertainments, traditional tea house, 5D cinema, park's big merry-go-round and various attractions of this unique park will leave good memories for visitors.

By the side of Be'sat park, there are Birds Garden, and cultural complex, night market, and tappe cheshme natural park have created a rare Tourism Complex.
Due to the diverse areas, this park could be used in different times of the year.
Dezful is located in the North of khuzestan province and the south of Iran

Translated by: Hesam Sharifi

Text & Photo: Mohammad Azarkish

category : Sights of the city of Dezful، Photo of Dezful، Tourist attractions of khuzestan، Iran tourism، 
tag : dzeful، khuzestan، iran، besat park، dzeful besat park، dezful attractions، dezfulinfo،
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یکشنبه 2 فروردین 1394 :: author : نجمه مورث نوری

Dezful Cultural Center

Dezful Cultural center (1987_1993), one of the modern architectural masterpices inspired by Dezful traditional architect with a universal perception of Farhad Ahmadi, the great Iranian engineer.The structure of the complex represents the human movement from soil into heaven. Due to its extremely impressive design, it is considered as an outstanding pattern for the students of all over the country. It also has won numbers of international prizes in Norway architectural festival.
Two cinema halls, a restaurant, a teahouse, a coffishop, a landscaped courtyard, visual arts and some galleries are of the other parts of this admirable cultural center.

Translated by Nastaran Zahedian
photo: Reza kafi far



Iran Khuzestan Dezful Cultural Center

category : Sights of the city of Dezful، Photo of Dezful، Tourist attractions of khuzestan، 
tag : dezful، iran، khuzestan، dezfulinfo، dezful city، dezful city tourism، dezful tourism،
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جمعه 15 اسفند 1393 :: author : نجمه مورث نوری
Salan Mountain, Dezful, Khuzestan, Iran

Khuzestan Dezful Salan Mountain, 38km length and 2650m height, is located in north-east of Dezful next to the Seyed Mahmud village, Sardasht. It is directed northwest-southwest and to climb it, there are two paths: Sardasht and Shahyun. The Seven springs in domain of this mountain adds to its beauty. This high snowy mountain inspires and calls for mountain-climbing fans. One of the most amazing waterfalls, Shevi, gives a very admirable and eye-catching landscape to the southwest part of Salan. Also, there are so many other marvelous perspectives around this mountain such as Chal-Kalood (also known as Siah Chaleh) and Fritillaria Meadow.

Text and photo: Mohammad Azarkish
Translator : Nastaran Zahedian

Iran Khuzestan Dezful Salan Mountain

category : Natural attractions of Dezful، Photo of Dezful، Iran tourism، 
tag : dezful، iran، khuzestan، salan، dzeful salan، salan mountain، dezfulinfo،
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دوشنبه 4 اسفند 1393 :: author : نجمه مورث نوری
Dezful fragrant orange groves and even in other months of the year on the feast day of the resort where guests Spring Branch fond memories for people to flourish and create your own perfume .Orange Branch of citrus fruits in the aroma and taste of the city that is .
Text & Photo: Mohammad Azarkish

orang dezful

Dezful Orang Garden

category : Natural attractions of Dezful، Photo of Dezful، 
tag : dezful، iran، khuzestan، orang، garden، orang garden، dezfulinfo،
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