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Dezful city tourism

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Dezful city tourism
Iran Khuzestan Dezful City
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دوشنبه 7 تیر 1395 :: author : نجمه مورث نوری
Dezful's Nations restaurant
If you're traveling to south of Iran and seeing the sights of khuzestan, You can try The Nations restaurant of Dezful

dezful nation restaurant

This restaurant is constructed in the north of Dez coastal resort (Alikalleh) in multi-storey and with redeploying of famous and international construction,Ziggurat ( Chgha Zanbil 1250 b.c) , traditional and bricky architectural Dezful's designs and elements.Green space and landscaping around the restaurant, locating next to the regulatory dam and beautiful views of Dez coastal resort, makes this restaurant one of the most beautiful and magnificent restaurants of khuzestan(south of Iran).This restaurant is built with the efforts of municipality and investment of private sector and locating next to Dez coastal tourism complex(Alikalleh) as the most popular resort of Khuzestan is one of its strenght points.Kinds of health certificates, serving  Iranian and international foods and variable fast foods is an other feature of Dezful's Nations restaurant.
This restaurant can make good memories for visitors all year long.Alikalleh pleasure complex is one of the most popular resorts of Khuzestan that is welcomed all year long specially in spring and summer

Translated by: Roya Delgosha

Text & Photo: Mohammad Azarkish

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