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Dezful city tourism

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Dezful city tourism
Iran Khuzestan Dezful City
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Dezful third bridge was constructed in 1375 on the dose. The bridge is 45 meters from the street to the conquest of the West Almbyn Dez River in the north of the city are connected. Consulting engineers design and supervise the construction of the hex on the same bridge and the second bridge was designed and built in Dezful. In addition to the three National Register contains the tomb of Imam Rvdbnd Bridge, Monument Babayvsf and old water source is located. The bridge is named with the name of the bridge resistance. The third bridge for construction engineering characteristics of the bridge is raised.
 Photo and text: Mohammad Azarkish


Iran Khuzestan Dezful third bridge

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Ancient water source Branch in 1324 AD to address water quality and quantity in the northern suburbs of the city of Dezful and the dose was built beside the river. Building with a square plan and elevation is a planar surface, the source materials and the manufacture of wooden columns of brick, mortar, cement and construction materials through the semi-traditional. Because of the importance of water supply Branch ancient monument with the number 23008 in the national index has been registered. Branch due to hydraulic structures such as bridges, ancient Sassanid mills, Qmsh, the aqueduct and the water structure at the entrance to the town is famous.

abe dzeful
Iran Khuzestan Dezful Ancient water source

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City Branch has three hotels for accommodation of travelers and tourists who visited the northern province, is. Tourism three-star hotel in the city with a variety of accommodation and welfare facilities, restaurant, gardens, pavilions and traditional tea, etc opportunity it provides comfort for visitors.

Iran Khuzestan Dezful Torism's Hotel

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Choghamish Hills Branch is one of the national treasures are . Numbering 487 in 1344 which registered


Iran Khuzestan Dezful Choghamish earthen dishes

category : Sights of the city of Dezful، Tourist attractions of khuzestan، Dezful historical toutist atraction، 
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 Dezful Kornasian  Bath Historic Bath ( Museum of Ethnology ) the number of rows national record in 8477 , and one of the buildings of Ghajar Branch is located in the center of the neighborhood Krnasyvn . It has an area of approximately 880 meters and both men and women related as well


Iran Khuzestan Dezful Kornasian bathroom museum

category : Sights of the city of Dezful، Photo of Dezful، Tourist attractions of khuzestan، 
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Dezful Vahdati Air Force Base is a 4th IAF Air Force base and it is operational for F-5A, E, F and B fighters. The base was bombarded by the Iraqi Air Force during the early stages of the Iran–Iraq War. There is an annual air show for the remembrance of War Heroes at the beginning of the Iranian New Year (Nowruz): hold from March 21 to 4 April, it is the only military Air show in Iran.[citation needed The Dezful Air force base is also used for domestic passenger flights. there have been occasional bans of passenger flights in Dezful Air-Base because of military security matters in past 20 years, but at last based on an agreement between Military commanders and Dezful civil governors, a regular daily program of flights was settled at the end of 2007 by two domestic airlines, Iran Air Tour and Aseman.[citation needed] There are currently at least 1 or 2 flights from this base (which is now called Dezful airport) to Tehran and back from Tehran everyday.


category : Sights of the city of Dezful، Photo of Dezful، Tourist attractions of khuzestan، 
tag : iran، khuzestan، dezful، air froce base، airport، iran tourism، photo of dezful،
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شنبه 15 شهریور 1393 :: author : نجمه مورث نوری
Dezful historical bridge is the oldest stable bridge in the world, founded 263 AD in the Sassanid dynasty and after nearly 1800 years, it still stands and it is one of the premier historical attractions of the region

پل قدیم دزفول

category : Tourist attractions of khuzestan، 
tag : iran، dezful، khuzestan، old bridge، dezful bridge، dezful old bridge، photo of dezful،
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