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Dezful city tourism

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Dezful city tourism
Iran Khuzestan Dezful City
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پنجشنبه 7 خرداد 1394 :: author : nastaran zahedian
 One of the most ancient structure of Dezful city is its amazing old bridge that dates back to 263 AD. The Old Sassanid Bridge of  Dezful is located in the city of Dezful in South Western Iran. This bridge connects the western and eastern part of the city and in the past it has been considered as a major magnificiant highways in the country, connecting Jondi shapur and Susa. The foundation for the bridge dates back to the Sassanid era. The bridge currently has four large arches, and between every two of these is a smaller arch. It was built during Shapur l when the Roman Empire Valerian was defeated in the battle, remain of his captured army ( about 70 thousand Roman prisoners) were asked to build the bridge. It has got so many names through different times just like  Andamesh, Shapur, Shadravan and Dez.
It has been repaired several times during the reign of kings like Azadodowleh Daylami( 4 century), the Safavid, Qajar and early Pahlavi periods. Remnants of ancient mills can also be observed near the bridge. These days cars are no longer permitted to use the bridge, as the result of its historic value.

Translated by: Nastaran Zahedian
Text & photo: Mohammad Azarkish

sasanid bridge

The old Sassanid bridge of Dezful

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پنجشنبه 27 فروردین 1394 :: author : nastaran zahedian
Dezful architecture

Dezful, a city in the north of Khuzestan , is one of the few cities in Iran which still have preserved its old historical contex and cultural identity in central part of the city. The old texture_ over 200 acres_ is on the edge of the river consists of 28 districtcs with some archways called "Sabat" to connect the districts.
Most buildings in the old textures are made of bricks and have been ornomented by elegant bricklaying. That is why Dezful is known as "Iran's brick musuem".
In the old textures' archways, eye_catching bricklayers could be seen that are called " Khoon chinii". Within the city's historical brick texture, over 113 national monuments have been registered including old mosques, baths, houses and historical archways.

Text: Mohammad Azarkish
Translated by Nastaran Zahedian
 Photo: Maryam Hedayat

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