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Dezful city tourism

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Dezful city tourism
Iran Khuzestan Dezful City
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Amir bahman  Khan, Samsam castle Feb. 23 km from Dezful and near the village of Ali Shahrak-e Shahid Karimi . Previously owned by a person named Amir Khan, Samsam 's January . In the garden around the castle and the castle behind Samsam Khan 's private jet on the runway .

Iran Khuzestan Dezful Amir bahman khan castle

category : Iran tourism، Dezful historical toutist atraction، 
tag : dezful، iran، khuzestan، amir bahman khan، castle، ghale amir bahman، dezful castle،
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یکشنبه 23 آذر 1393 :: author : نجمه مورث نوری
 Dezful history Baghelion Branch is located in the heart of old . The traditional and beautiful passage of the caravan awning and Baghelion the next morning the streets are beautiful .


Iran khuzestan Dezful Bghelion sabat

category : Photo of Dezful، Dezful historical toutist atraction، 
tag : iran، khuzestan، dezful، baghelion، sabat، sabat baghelion، dezful sabat،
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One of the most Azqdymy building of the mosque in the city of Dezful Dezful mausoleum of Sheikh Ismail palace was built in the sham century AD was established. Sheikh Ismail sixth century palace of the great mystics , Master Shaykh Najm al-Din Kubra and companions and disciples of Sheikh Abvnjyb Suhrawardi 's sample


Iran Khuzestan Dezful Shikh Esmail ghasri tomb

category : Religious attractions of Dezful، 
tag : dezful، iran، khuzestan، esmail ghasri، shikh esmail، ghasri tomb، dezful city،
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چهارشنبه 12 آذر 1393 :: author : نجمه مورث نوری
Rana Beach Park Branch Park is a coastal town in the beautiful riverside dose is constructed. Rana park with beautiful landscaping , brick entrance and the bridge between the old and new Branch has beautiful scenery


Iran Khuzestan Dezful Rana beach park

category : Sights of the city of Dezful، Photo of Dezful، 
tag : iran، dezful، khuzestan، park، rana، rana park، rana beach park،
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Yaghoub leis Safari statue at the entrance of the city of Dezful first Iranian commander who tried to re- united Iran after the Islamic form .ramgah located in 12 km from the city of Dezful

Iran Khuzestan Dezful Yaghoub leis safari statue

category : Sights of the city of Dezful، Photo of Dezful، Iran tourism، 
tag : dezful، khuzestan، statue، yaghob leis safari statue، dezful yaghob leis safari، yaghub leis safari، iran،
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سه شنبه 4 آذر 1393 :: author : نجمه مورث نوری

Dezful Cultural Center

Dezful Cultural center (1987_1993), one of the modern architectural masterpices inspired by Dezful traditional architect with a universal perception of Farhad Ahmadi, the great Iranian engineer.The structure of the complex represents the human movement from soil into heaven. Due to its extremely impressive design, it is considered as an outstanding pattern for the students of all over the country.It also has won numbers of international prizes in Norway architectural festival.Two cinema halls, a restaurant, a teahouse, a coffishop, a landscaped courtyard, visual arts and some galleries are of the other parts of this admirable cultural center.


Iran Khuzestan Dezful Cultural center

category : Natural attractions of Dezful، Photo of Dezful، Iran tourism، 
tag : iran، dezful، khuzestan، Cultural Complex Film، photo of dezful، iran tourism، sight of dezful،
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Home Seydsdr an old historic homes dating back to the mid-term and the Qajar looks Branch . This beautiful home is located in a neighborhood with traditional architecture, the Dezful located Kotkoti historic fabric and design with a beautiful brick facade , built-in porch into a single style .

Iran Khuzestan Dezful Seyed sadr historical house

category : Photo of Dezful، Iran tourism، Dezful historical toutist atraction، 
tag : iran، dezful، khuzestan، seyed sadr house، dezful seyed sadr، photo of dezful، iran tourism،
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