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Dezful city tourism

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Dezful city tourism
Iran Khuzestan Dezful City
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شنبه 5 تیر 1395 :: author : نجمه مورث نوری

Shadab Natural Castle Of Dezful

Shadab castle of Dezful is one of the biggest and greatest natural castles of Iran.This natural beautiful feat of south of Iran and Khouzestan province,is about 40 Kms far from Dezful

dezful shadab castle

This castle has some kilometers long which reaches to Dez dam.
Shah'un lake and Dez dam are beside of this castle that grow the beauty and magnificence of it.
Shadab castle is in Shah'un part of Dezful that is suitable for visiting from autumn to beginning of spring for inner and foreigner tourists.
This castle is near the Pamenar touristian village which is one of the important touristian villages in north of Khouzestan.
One of the interesting case is that,it has just one way to entrance and there is an ancient and historical cemetery suburbs of it.
There are droughty sources in some parts which made available required water for inhabitants.

Now,this castle is suitable case for interested to travelling in mountains and nature.
If you travel to Dezful for visiting this castle,you can visit Shah'un lake for boating and fishing and so buy manual arts of this area people
Translated by: Narges Ghiassi khayat
Text & Photo: Mohammad Azarkish

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