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Dezful city tourism

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Dezful city tourism
Iran Khuzestan Dezful City
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چهارشنبه 5 خرداد 1395 :: author : نجمه مورث نوری
The Golchin House(Persian: خانه ی گلچین، khaneh- ye- Golchin) of Dezful is one of the invaluable traditional historical houses of Iran, dating back to the Qajar period. This monument is located in the center of Dezful, a northern city of Khuzestan province, south of Iran. The Golchin House with its authentic & beautiful architecture, is one of the historical buildings which has been registered as No. 14719 on the National Heritage List.


 This house is situated in Masjed Historic District among a magnificent & unique collection of historical buildings of Dezful such as ShuhRuknuddin complex-including the bathroom, mosque and mausoleum of ShuhRuknuddin- Dezful historical bazaar and the Jame' mosque of the city, near main streets; and from its situation it receives great importance. This building has a small courtyard in the center which is decorated with delicate brickworks called Khovoon Chini(Persian:  خوون چینی- Xowun chini); designs which have been created by indescribable creativity of Dezfulian tasteful traditional architects and have given a stunning elegance to this historical place. Another characteristic of this monument is its vicinity to the Nilsaz Historical House that these two houses together also make a unique historical company. The Golchin House has been built as a two story building. It has a Shavadan(a very deep underground space). As for the historical texture of Dezful, this house can be visited all year round

Translated by: Maryam Moghadasian

Text & Photo: Mohammad Azarkish

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